A year of living dangerously

This odd year is coming to a close and rather than reflect in a constructive manner or make life goals for 2021, I thought it might be fun (yes fun) to list some petty emotions I felt during 2020, but it ended up being such a depressive list of small complaints that I did not dare to press the Publish button. Because, of course I am actually not doing so bad albeit I am so very bored of this lockdown and remote work.

So just two things:

  1. In the vein of my 2018 list of annoyances, I have to write down that I am really annoyed by German people walking side by side on the bike paths and uttering their passive aggressions to the bikers making me feel like I am somehow in the wrong and less entitled to use the paths. There, I said it.
  2. My 2020 resolutions, or notes to self, pretty much still stand as I am hopeless when it comes to life goals and self-improvement which is probably why I choose to fight against it with my best understanding of things. And I wrote COVID diaries, so I have a souvenir of my feelings, hopes and prayers from this godforsaken year, thus no need to reflect. In all honesty, 2020 was a boring year and Berlin without its people congregating in bars, restaurants, concerts, museums and climbing gyms is definitely grimmer than some other place might have been.

So good riddance 2020.

Small homage to Liana Finck

Grumpy, old woman